Guildelines for Tcg's

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  • Update frequency refers to the frequency of deck releases.
  • When applying please indicate if your Tcg is upcoming.
    • Upcoming: A Tcg in the process of being made. It has not been opened for either prejoin or grand opening. This status will change to active as soon as a prejoin/opening update is made, and members are permitted to create accounts.
  • All fields in the application form are required, except for the url. Upcoming Tcg's without publically announced urls will still be accepted, and the url will be updated upon request of the owner. Either email me at, or send a DM on Discord to KayoriAyane#4298.
  • I will check Tcg activity from time to time. Tcgs which become unupdated for 2 months or more will be changed to either hiatus, or inactive.
    • Hiatus: An announced hiatus, regardless of length of inactivity for the Tcg. If there was an announcement either before inactivity, after a missed update, or an apology given for several missed updates. And then following up by a reason, and estimated length of time.
    • Inactive: An unnanounced, or unexpected halt of updates or owner activity. No announcement was given either on the site, forum, or Discord server regarding the sudden disappearance, and no reason or estimated length of time was ever stated.
    • Any Tcg's that were previously set to hiatus wil be set to inactive, if their site's url is broken.
  • Tcg type will be listed as either automated, or manual.
    • Automated: This is a Tcg that is completely self contained. Meaning your cards, currency, shop purchases, logs, trade logs, and trading feature stay on the site itself. You are in no means required to manage anything with an external site.
    • Manual: This is a Tcg that requires you to handle all cards, currency, trades, and logs yourself with an external site. Suitable sites include one either hosted by yourself, someone else, or even a DreamWidth account.

Guildelines for Trade Posts

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